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Recipe Wiki:Deletion Policy

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We tend to delete the following articles:

Articles that are duplicates of existing articles - A wiki works best with one page per topic. Duplicate articles can also be merged.

Articles that are not recipes - This is a wiki focused on recipes, so articles that are not recipes will be deleted.

Articles that advertise or promote food products - We are not a site to advertise or sell products.

Articles that are copyright violations - Technically articles that are plagiarized from another site. Unless they can be rewritten in their own words they will be deleted in a week after the {{plagiarized}} tag is placed.

Saving Articles from Deletion[edit]

Sometimes an editor can turn a NFD page into a viable article and it gets 'saved' from deletion. The NFD tag is then removed by an Administrator.

NFD Discussions[edit]

When NFD tags are placed on articles we encourage registered users to participate on the talk or discussion pages.